International Symposium “Oil Shale 100”

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In 2013, 400 participants attended the International Oil Shale Sympsium 2013 in Tallinn from over 30 countries. This is what they had to say about the event:

  • “I admire the very good organisation of the symposium and the field tour.”
  • “A truly well and homely welcome organisation. Hat off.”
  • “My congratulations to all the organisers, they did very well. I hope attend the following Tallinn Symposium next year.”
  • “Thanks for the organization and the good topics.”

Join us for another successful symposium in 2016! The program is now available here.


HANDO SUTTER, Chairman of the Management Board of Eesti Energia / Enefit

Hando Sutter

Estonia is celebrating a momentous anniversary in oil shale development – 100 years of oil shale mining! We are glad to welcome you to Estonia to celebrate this landmark with us, to the International Symposium “Oil Shale 100” on September 20th–23rd, 2016.

The first Estonian oil shale conference was held already in 1968, with the most recent in 2013, when 400 experts from over 30 countries around the world gathered in Tallinn. This year’s Symposium “Oil Shale 100” is an absolute „must go“ for professionals in all spheres of oil shale energetics – connecting resource holders, technology developers, researchers, government representatives and business leaders from across the world.

Join in on discussions about oil shale – an abundant unconventional global resource with reserves at least 4 times larger than all crude oil reserves. The peak of global development of energy from oil shale is yet to come and given the challenges that energy companies face today, it is the perfect time to learn from one another and share best practices. Estonia is living proof that the oil shale industry can be viable long-term, and has remained so throughout the last century. The Symposium will offer unique opportunities hear about the latest innovations and technology updates, increases in efficiency and applications to reduce environmental impacts.

2016 is a unique year for the Estonian oil shale industry. In addition to celebrating a century of oil shale utilization, Enefit will have two modern production facilities for both oil and power production, working at full capacity and on display. Field trips will offer an extraordinary opportunity to visit these industrial scale facilities, unique in the world – the 300 MW Auvere Power Plant, and the Enefit280, a combined shale oil, gas and electricity cogeneration plant, as well as an operational open cast mine.

We look forward to meeting you in Estonia!


TAAVI RÕIVAS, Prime Minister of the Republic of Estonia

Taavi RõivasEstonia is one of the few countries in the European Union and, in fact, the world, that is self-sufficient in electricity production. Estonia is also the country least dependent on imported energy in the EU. This unique and envious position has been provided for by oil shale, a domestic resource that Estonia has utilized for a century. Through continuous innovation, Estonia has modernized its oil shale industry to significantly decrease the impacts on the environment and create the maximum value from oil shale. I am happy to welcome you to Estonia to celebrate the industry´s 100th birthday and to have fruitful discussions about the exciting future of this vital industry!

Mr Taavi Rõivas will give an opening speech at the Symposium on Sept 20.



VOLLI KALM, Rector of the University of Tartu

Volli KalmMineral resources, including oil shale, are a natural resource of national importance for Estonia, having contributed significantly to improving the wellbeing of society. Scientific research on oil shale, carried out with the help of Estonian universities, enables the Government to make well-informed decisions, so that – through creating new jobs and promoting innovation in the energy sector – our society could continue to benefit from oil shale in the future.
Partnership with industry is of vital importance for the University of Tartu in order to fulfill its mission of solving the challenges that Estonia faces. Our successful cooperation with Eesti Energia AS is a good example of how joint development activities benefit both parties and society in general.
I wish success and farsighted, research-based decisions to everyone involved in the management and development of oil shale, so that this mineral resource, so crucial to Estonia, would ensure our wellbeing in the decades to come.

Professor Kalm will give a speech at the Symposium on Sept 20.