Why Estonia?

Estonian wireless internetEstonia has become one of the most dynamic and modern economies. Well known for its electronic government and advanced internet and telecom infrastructure, Estonia is also a land of engineers. With a broad range of talent and engineering excellence, the intensity of engineers in Estonia accounts for 14 per cent of the total working population. Estonia’s engineering talents work in areas which require expertise in technology and renewable energy in particular.

Tallinn Old TownOn the other hand, Estonia is also an amazing place with historic charm. Symposium “Oil Shale 100” will be held nearby Tallinn’s fairytale-like Old Town, among the best preserved medieval-era city centres in Europe, which never fails to astonish visitors. Even with all its historic ambience, Estonia is surprisingly modern. As one of the world’s most tech-savvy countries, Estonia earns points for the availability of free Wi-Fi just about everywhere – in hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, inter-city buses and in the nature. One of the main conveniences of attending the conference in Estonia is that it’s small and hassle-free. Compact Tallinn city centre means You will be making quick, 5-minute walks to get from place to place rather than dealing with buses or taxis. A transfer from Tallinn’s airport to the heart of the town and the venue of the conference takes as little as 10 minutes. In addition, Estonia is in the Schengen zone, it uses the euro as its currency, credit cards are accepted nearly everywhere and English is widely spoken.

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Enefit EstoniaFor resource holders, technology developers and business leaders, this is a significant opportunity for broadening the network of global oil shale players, sharing the latest developments within the industry and fostering the growing world interests towards the development and use of alternative fuels out of oil shale.

Enefit EstoniaFor the government representatives and political leaders, the Symposium offers a great opportunity to discuss the role of government and legislation in creating a favorable and sustainable business environment for the industry and offer some tips for countries developing their energy resources to move towards their energy independence. It also offers a chance to share the lessons learned from the cooperation between local municipalities and industry leaders in bringing welfare to local communities by creating new jobs directly in the industry as well as in the related areas.

For universities and research institutes, this is an excellent opportunity for developing relationships with other first class academic and research institutions that focus on oil shale. Such relationships are important for the development and advancement of oil shale science and research in general. Oil shale utilization has challenges ahead and ensuring that a strong research sector develops behind the industry should be a priority.


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